3 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Smells Musty

3 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Smells Musty

When the word home necessity comes along, everyone would agree that the bathroom is among the first and most essential requirements in any house! No one can live without it! It offers everyone the opportunity to do our most intimate moments and, of course, privately.

It’s customary to ensure that the bathroom should be clean at all times. It’s necessary, especially when you are a person who is sensitive to seeing dirt or smelling something off. But, what if the bathroom smells out of the ordinary with a musty or earthy-like odour? Does it mean you are going to face another plumbing problem like a blocked drain Croydon households usually encounter?

How unpleasant does it smell? Does it make you feel dizzy, or do you feel nauseous? Is it too bothersome? What could have caused it in the first place? Here are three reasons why your bathroom smells musty.

#1 Is it mildew?

Did you go inside the bathroom and was greeted with an extraordinarily disagreeable odour? If this is what you’ve experienced, be warned. You might be facing a mildew situation.

Mildew is a kind of fungus with similar characteristics to that of a mould; but they are not entirely identical.

How do these two differentiate? Well, for one thing, mould comes in an array of colours. On the other hand, mildew often presents in either a blackish, greyish, or white growth. It does not appear overpowering or protruding. It more so seems relatively thin, powdery-like, and superficial.

Mildew is often seen on the bathroom’s walls with a smell that can be easily noticed.

In many confirmed cases, its odour is a lot like wet socks, paper, or rotting wood. The mildew overgrows in the bathrooms because of the humid environment.

Do you have to call professionals to deal with the problem? The truth is, by making sure the bathroom has proper ventilation, the mildew goes away on its own. It is easy to handle and solve.

#2 Is mould growth causing a musty smell and dangerous to your health?

Often, you read and hear mildew and mould together. It causes people to assume that these are of the same branch of fungus. Although both are fungus, mildew is easier to deal with.

That is not always the same when resolving mould problems inside the bathroom. Yes, mould does cause a musty smell. You’ll know it is mould because the earthy and damp odour is quite strong.

It is wise to do a proper inspection of the bathroom. Mould is usually splotchy and dark and often positioned on the walls, behind the toilet, or anywhere in the bathroom.

Mould exposure is dangerous to your health, as it’s known to cause problems, especially triggering asthma-like symptoms. It can weaken not only your health but your home’s structural solidity too.

For mould, you may purchase chemicals to get rid of it. However, many people prefer making an eco-friendly approach first.

#3 Dirty bathroom

Yes, mould and mildew are the standard suspects for the musty scent. But, sometimes, the bathroom needs genuine tenderness, love, and care.

Sometimes, when you’re too busy with your life, neglect happens. Dirty bathrooms can cause a musty smell. Getting rid of the problem is only a matter of cleaning it the soonest time possible and in a timely schedule.