About The Most Irritating Pest Called As Fleas And Their Infestation

About The Most Irritating Pest Called As Fleas And Their Infestation

Fleas are parasites commonly seen in animals like dogs, rabbits, and cats. Fleas are easily termed dirty and a nuisance to human beings. Though not dangerous, they can irritate humans if fed on them. In this article, we will let you know why they are termed pests.

Fleas enter the house through your favourite pets. They love clean houses and make it their home by multiplying themselves. They very quickly live on the body of your pests and can even jump on humans if they want to. Thus, you must perform flea pest control in your house to get rid of them.

You can contact Pest Control Manchester, which has experts in pest control services all over the city. They are an independent family business working in this industry for the last 30 years. They use special treatments against each pest like rats, mice, cockroaches and many other pests. Now, let us understand more about this pest and how to identify them.


Fleas are around 12mm in length and are brown in colour. They can jump on the animals when they leave the house for their walk and infest them in the fur. A flea can consume around 15 times more blood than the size of its body. They usually bite them around their feet and ankles.

The bites of fleas in humans and animals can lead to swelling, red bites, and itchiness. They can even cause allergic reactions and can transmit some rare diseases like bubonic plague and murine typhus bacterial disease. The most common symptoms of a flea infestation that you can see in animals are scabs, bites, pale gums, and loss of hair.

Lifecycle of a Flea

A female flea lays around 800 to 1000 eggs in her entire lifetime. But to produce eggs, they need to feed on blood. Once the egg is laid, it will hatch in a week’s time to produce larvae. This larva will develop into a pupa in two weeks through which an adult flea is born. The overall development cycle of a flea will take about 3 to 4 weeks, which is more common in summer and warm weather.

Signs of flea infestation in pets

The early signs of infestation would be the animal scratching, licking, and biting their furs. They might look very irritated and troubled. When you brush their fur inside, you might see a black spot like an insect. These insects can cause scabs and even loss of fur. These animals, once infested can also develop diseases like anemia, dermatitis, and parasites.

Fleas can be seen in hidden places in your house, like carpets, floorboards, beds, door architraves, skirting boards, etc. A flea dropping is also a good sign of this flea infestation in your house.

Treatment for infestation in Pests

Pest control is one of the necessary treatments for infestation. It must be carried out by professionals who are experienced enough to treat such pests. We can also help ourselves at home by vacuuming the carpets, cleaning, sanitizing, etc.

Additionally, the infested pets should also be given topical solutions or oral tablets to eliminate these fleas.

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