Common Household Pests in Hinsdale that Love Moisture

Common Household Pests in Hinsdale that Love Moisture

Every time you identify a pest issue in your house, you may try to address it by finding the source. Creatures require food, water, and shelter to survive. Invasive pests may be searching for these survival essentials. They can hide in crevices and corners even in the cleanest with food kept in airtight containers waiting to benefit from indoor plumbing. Moisture can draw a lot of pests into your house and shelter from predators and the elements are only a bonus. No matter the type of moisture-loving pests you are dealing with, contact a pest control company in Hinsdale that can address the issue for you. 

Common Sources of Moisture in Homes

In general, some pests inhabit certain areas of a house, depending on their behaviors and needs. Some pests prefer darkness over light. Other pests are carnivorous while a few are herbivores.

Household pests can be seen in any spot in your house. However, some areas draw the most attention from pests that have set up camp in your house. 

  • Bathroom. This space has a lot of moisture sources, including showers, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Also, they can have organic matter such as skin, hair, and nails that certain pests find appetizing.
  • Kitchen. This place offers readily available food and moisture sources for many types of pests. Even tiny food crumbs can be a fest for tiny insects. Also, the kitchen has higher humidity levels than other rooms and can have stray water drops. 
  • Basement. This space can have residential moisture from other parts of your home. Through gravity, water and cool air are pulled down to the basement, making it particularly prone to the growth of mold and mildew that pests love. 
  • Attic. A lot of pests live in the attic because of warm temperatures. A warm and wet attic allows for the growth of mold, making it an attractive hideout for many pests. 

Pests that Love Moisture in Homes

For all living creatures on earth, water is crucial. When there is water, moisture can also develop, attracting various kinds of pests such as the following:

  • Mosquitoes. These annoying insects can bite both humans and animals, producing big, itchy welts. They lay their eggs in standing water, with the larvae attaching themselves to the water surface until they mature. It takes just one mosquito to discover the perfect source of water to start an infestation.
  • Termites. These destructive pests often build colonies inside or underneath houses that offer water, shelter, and food. They are often found inside walls, although they can also create a colony under the foundation of your home. 
  • Ants. Ants also search for food and moisture sources in homes. They will carry their finds back to the colony to feed the queen and larvae. The presence of water, grease splatters, and food crumbs in the kitchen makes this space a common target for ants. 
  • Cockroaches. These nocturnal scavengers hide in small, dark places during the day. They are drawn to food, warmth, and moisture and can eat just anything. They are often found in bathrooms, damp basements, and kitchens. 

Louis McNamara