Three Roof Inspection Tips

Three Roof Inspection Tips


The roof of your house is an essential part as it is the most significant component that keeps you safe from water infiltration. Here are three tips to help you perform a thorough roof inspection:

  1. Address Algae and Moss: Algae and moss can pose health risks and cause damage to your roof. Begin your DIY roof check by using binoculars to inspect from the ground. Look for leaves or debris on the roof, as they can trap moisture and lead to structural damage. Moss, in particular, absorbs rainwater like a sponge, which can cause wood rot and mold. Remove any moss immediately. Consider using moss killer or investing in algae-resistant shingles during re-shingling to prevent future growth.
  2. Examine Flashings and Roof Components: As you climb the ladder, closely inspect your roof and flashings surrounding vent pipes, dormers, and chimneys. Flashings direct water away from your roof, but corroded or damaged ones can allow water to penetrate, leading to interior damage. Replace any damaged flashings promptly.
  3. Check Your Attic: If your house has an attic, inspect this space as well. It can reveal damage that may not be visible from the ground or ladder. Look for signs of moisture or mold on interior wood and rafters. If water damage is present, it may require roof repairs.

Regularly inspecting your roof allows you to identify and address any potential problems before they escalate. While hiring a professional roofer for biannual checks is not necessary, it’s crucial to know what to look for. Don’t ignore subtle signs of roof issues. If you notice any, contact a roofing company promptly to schedule a thorough inspection and necessary repairs. Taking proactive steps to maintain your roof can prevent costly damage in the long run.

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