Tips To Help You Find Your Home’s Next Kilim Rug!

Tips To Help You Find Your Home’s Next Kilim Rug!

There are a lot of reasons to love a high-quality kilim rug within your home, but a lot of people still have trouble narrowing down their best options within this unique niche of the rug industry.

There are many reputable rug outlets online that will provide kilim rugs of varying qualities, but one of the best online rug outlets for kilim rug shopping undoubtedly is Rug Source. The Rug Source specialists have supported us in developing this list of rug shopping tips oriented around finding a kilim rug, so take this pro advice to help you score the next kilim rug that’s perfect for you and your residence!

Initially Establish Your Rug Dimensions

Narrowing down your new kilim rug’s size is always a good place to start when you’re figuring out what will work best for you and your home, and kilim rugs can come in a whole variety of sizes.

Authentic kilim rugs are a bit unique when it comes to sizing, which is why you should try to establish maximum and minimum rug dimensions that’ll fit within your desired space.

Keeping Your Budget On The Conservative Side

Rug shopping budgets definitely aren’t the most glamorous part of the shopping experience, but they certainly are very important for every kilim lover to keep in mind.

What’s great is that a lot of online outlets will help you narrow down your search based upon many preferences, and price is one of the more important factors to keep in mind within this search. Our advice is to remain conservative with your budget so you’re not going overboard too quickly.

Remembering That You’re Not An Industry Specialist

There are plenty of very experienced rug specialists out there that’ll help guide you through these often stressful home décor investments, and it’s important to put your trust in these experts as you’re narrowing down your best options.

Although you should always trust your intuition when finding a new kilim rug, there’s a lot to learn from people who help rug shoppers on a daily basis.

Doing The “Wet Towel” Test

As much as people want to put their trust in rug vendors, the truth is that it’s likely for people to try to rip others off within this industry. So in order to avoid a scam, try a few tests to ensure that you’re in fact looking at authentic kilims when people say you are.

One of these tests is known as the “wet towel” test, and what you’ll end up doing is rubbing a wet paper towel across a kilim rug’s surface to double-check its color fastness. If any colors come off the rug onto the paper towel, then it’s a clear sign that the rug is a fake!

Asking Tough Questions

It’s important to remember that a lot of area rugs sold in the United States are manufactured via unethical practices like child labor, so it’s important to ask the type of questions that matter to you when it comes to investing in particular kilim rugs.

Although many kilim rugs are made ethically, it wouldn’t hurt to know where it came from and who exactly made your potential new rug. If your rug salesman doesn’t know the answer to this type of question, then it’s a sign that you might want to take your business somewhere else.

Check Online Return Policies

Every online rug outlet will have their own return policies, and these policies may be in the fine print of your agreement or on a random page of their website. It’s absolutely critical for online rug shoppers to do their homework when it comes to the fine print of an outlet’s return policy, but the good news is that most online vendors these days will offer pretty satisfactory returns just in case something doesn’t work out as you’d hoped.

Contact The Kilim Rug Experts at Rug Source To Learn More!

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new kilim rug, but you’ll always put your rug shopping needs in a good position when you partner up with reputable experts.

You can learn more about kilim rugs by speaking with the Rug Source specialists today by clicking through the link at the beginning of this page!