Ultimate Moving Guide to Destin FL – From Planning to Settling in The New Home

Ultimate Moving Guide to Destin FL – From Planning to Settling in The New Home

Many people are moving their homes permanently to a new destination because of a job change or promotion or business purpose. Whatever the reason, moving home is tricky. You did a lot of research and decided to invest in a residential home or rental property in Destin, FL. 

Investing in a property, especially when you are planning to migrate permanently sounds exciting. Investing in a hot tourist area like Destin, FL needs a lot of consideration. You get an idea of the Destin Florida real estate market on destinflorida.com. Consult a licensed, local, and experienced real estate brokerage firm in Destin. If you plan to borrow funds then get pre-approved or pre-qualified. It gives an idea of the amount you can afford to spend on buying a property. 

With an accurate budget, you can prioritize the property must-haves. The real estate agents will narrow the list and show properties that suit your budget and must-have list. Never skip on home inspection because it can reveal hidden problems. It can be used during price negotiations or you can cross out the property and move to another one. 

Expect the deal to close within 45 to 60 days because of loan items backlogs like appraisals and surveys. Remember this transition period between the existing home and the new house. After all the overwhelming sales process you have to plan the migration to Destin as you wait for the deal closure.

Your Destin FL moving must not be unpleasant, so prepare a checklist so you don’t forget things while packing and moving.

1. Planning 

In the planning stage, create a budget. Money will be needed from multiple things like moving costs, buying furniture for the new home, utilities, etc. you don’t desire to encounter money shortage, while in process of migrating to the new home. Set aside some funds from the budget for an emergency. You don’t need to be in a position where you cannot borrow cash during the move. 

If you have children then the first thing to do is check the schools in the area you bought the house. Each state’s regulations and policies associated with schools differ. There are public and private schools in Destin. 

Your loved ones will not be pleased with the move. Make the process for them easier. Be prepared to answer questions related to school and even discuss with them what life will be like in Destin. You can even look for a school involving the kids. Show them pictures of the sights in Destin and even the home you bought if possible]. Take them online, so they enjoy the visuals and ease their anxiety of moving to a strange place. 

Movers are expensive but worth it. They have the needed knowledge and skills to load and unload your belongings safely. It doesn’t mean self-moving is not worth it but can be stressful and expensive. 

The hiring mover professional will perform a pre-move survey. It gives them an idea of the scale and scope of this moving task. It allows them to offer the right estimate of the effort and time needed to complete the task. You will need to finalize the moving schedule first before approaching the movers. Be flexible with moving dates because you can get a good deal.

2. Preparing for transition

Buy packing material like cardboard boxes, masking tapes, bubble wrap, etc. Start packing in advance, so you don’t feel tired on a moving day. Buy high-quality packing material.

Before you start packing declutter the home. There is always stuff that you don’t use. Get rid of all the obsolete, duplicate, and damaged items. Dispose of stuff means donate, sell, give away or toss them away. If you have kids involve them in the de-cluttering process. They too have toys and clothes that they can sell or donate. You can have a garage or yard sale one weekend. If your friend is interested in something give it away and donate the remaining.

After the de-cluttering process, it is time to start the packing. Place the heavy items at the bottom and light stuff on top. Wrap breakable items in bubble wrap first because it will protect them. Ensure to label all the items and boxes, so unpacking becomes easy!

Change the address in IDs and legal documents. Ensure that your telephone, bank, internet, and credit card providers are notified about the address change. Setup the mail for automatic transport to a new address. Cancel memberships irrelevant to a new home and even inform subscription companies about the address change. Get medical records and kids’ school documents.

Get in touch with the utility provider including gas, water, and electricity in Destin, so they are running when you move in. It would be inconvenient for the family if they are not up and running when you reach the new home.

Allow kids to have a party and say goodbye to their friends. They need to know that they can stay in touch with their old friends via the internet or phone. It is also worth making them understand that each relationship does not last forever. 

Clean the old home, when you move out. If it is a rental home then make sure to have everything cleaned out to get a security deposit back in full. 

3. Settle in the new home

Get familiar with the neighbors in Destin Florida. It helps to ease the transition into a new home feels smooth. Learn about the amenities available nearby like the parks, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, etc. You need to know what is nearest to your home for emergencies like fire stations or hospitals. 

Decorate the new house to make this migration seem more pleasant. Create a homey environment. Unpacking seems daunting but take time and place everything neatly and well-organized right from the start. After unpacking it is time to lay back and relax. Spend time with the family at the beach or go for a walk around the town. It helps to get acclimatized with the environment and new home. 

Kevin Upton