What are the advantage and disadvantages of artificial grass?

What are the advantage and disadvantages of artificial grass?

Artificial grass also known as Fake grass, Artificial turf, Artificial lawn. Artificial grass is the synthetic man-made material that looks like real grass. It consists of synthetic cast like fiber or yarn often Polypropylene or polyethylene. It was most often used in sports fields however it is now used in Residential lawns and Commercial applications. It was 1st used in 1960 in the Houston Astrodome, the 1st covered sports stadium in the U.S.A. This type of Artificial grass was named as Artificial turf.

Artificial grass carpets have different styles with completely different pile heights, all depending on it’s supposed use. The longer artificial grass, around 30mm mark, can provide a lush, luxurious look, whereas shorter, 16-27mm artificial grass installation can look neater, and is additional appropriate for youths or pets.

Good quality artificial grass ought to be weighty, with a burden is especially vital if you’re putting in it yourself, as you may have to be compelled to raise and move the pass.

There are 2 parts to a man-made field, the artificial grass blades and therefore the thatch, there’s a colossal variety of color mixtures to settle on from. you’ll select a natural look, however whether that’s a lightweight or a dark inexperienced is up to you and what appears natural in your garden. We’d suggest ordering samples and going out into your garden at completely different times of the day to ascertain however the daylight makes it look. check that the pile is facing the house or the most viewing purpose. This is often how your field is placed and it makes a distinction to the means your field can look.


Save water: There is a need for water in Artificial grass.

Less Maintenance: No weekly moving requires very less maintenance. It will always look green. Artificial turf will remain the same color.

Environment Friendly: Since the product required no maintenance from gas or electric powered lawn equipment. Artificial turf is more Eco Friendly than natural grass.

Save money: Natural grass needs monthly maintenance, mowing, fertilizer with soil & water. But Artificial grass doesn’t need any of these, so it saves money.

Easy to clean: Solid west is effective to pick up and easier to clear up from a natural lawn.

Safe for children: Because Artificial lawn do not kill wheat killers, fertilizers, past insides they are totally safe for any child to play on.

No need to mow: With an artificial lawn no mow will be needed.


Heat hazard: Artificial grass has a heat observing property in research it has been observe that the temperature of Artificial grass more than 30 degrees higher than surrounding air temperature

Runoff: The soil bellow artificial grass is in compact condition during rainfall it doesn’t absorb the water

Health hazards: Artificial grass condenses toxin chemicals such as Lead, Zinc, Cadmium, Chromium which are harmful for health.

Smell: When Artificial grass exposes extreme heat it emits a rubbery smell.