Reasons Why Gas Furnace Does Not Work

Reasons Why Gas Furnace Does Not Work

Gas furnaces are home heating appliances that run off of natural gas and natural gas. When natural gas gets kindled in the furnace, it warms up the air. It is then delivered all through the home. A fully functional gas furnace needs all its elements to work properly. Gas furnaces comprise a thermostat, draft hood/fan, burners, heat exchanger, blower, and flue. No matter you possess a high-efficiency or a conventional gas furnace, you need to know its working system. Additionally, you must understand the appliance’s fundamental workings so that you can know what you must look for if something goes wrong.

Common issues

You must recognize some common gas furnace issues. Additionally, you must learn how to fix your gas furnace at Howard Air. Some common issues with a gas furnace are:

The thermostat is not working well

Malfunctioning of the thermostat is one of the usual furnace issues. You can assume that the thermostat is not working ideally if you see that its fan is constantly running. This will make the battery of your thermostat run. Moreover, it will make your furnace work unproductively. You can check this issue when you set the fan on auto and see whether or not it is running incessantly at every heat setting.

Clogged or dirty filters

A clogged or dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of your gas furnace, and it can result in damaging your limit switch. If you confront this issue, you need to ensure that you have swapped out the filters once a quarter, as it will give peak performance.

Cracked heat exchanger

If you face the issue of a cracked heat exchanger, then it will turn out to be an expensive issue. The job of the heat exchanger is to separate the air from the warming flame. So it keeps the furnace running safely. Now, if you end up overheating your house, your heat exchanger can crack, and when the heat goes out, you need to make a call to your furnace technician, as he will be able to diagnose the issue. He might replace the heat exchanger too.

Insufficient heat or no heat 

If there is cold weather, your gas furnace must work properly and produce sufficient heat for warming up your home. When you find that your furnace isn’t producing heat or it has been blowing cool air, you can hold several factors responsible for it. At times, people address a few repairs themselves, but for some others, they call a professional.

Calling a technician

Though checking the circuit breaker and thermostat are some common things homeowners can do themselves, at times, they confront some major issues that need attention from a skilled HVAC technician. Now, if the power of the furnace is on and it is functional too, and you have substituted the air filter recently, you must call a professional to check the probable issues. You ought to learn how to fix your gas furnace at Howard Air. You must not attempt to repair every issue with your gas furnace, as it can be highly dangerous if you aren’t trained professionally to repair HVAC equipment.

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