Why Is Nz Scenery So Stunning?

Why Is Nz Scenery So Stunning?

What exactly is it about Nz that triggers overseas vacationers to rave, once they visit our country? Why is Nz this type of great travel destination? What separates Nz using their company holiday destinations? Four words, they are saying “New Zealand’s gorgeous scenery.”

Peter Jackson’s movies, The Lord from the Rings' andThe Hobbit’, were each filmed in Nz, and they’ve because of the world a peek at New Zealand’s stunning scenery.

So what exactly is it about New Zealand’s scenery which makes it so stunning?

Nz landscape is unspoilt

New Zealand’s raw, natural unspoilt beauty is unequalled. Be it the grandeur from the snow-covered Southern Alps on the crisp winter’s day, or even the altering hues from the Central Otago moving tussock-lands, or Auckland’s stunning Hauraki Gulf on the picture perfect summer’s day, or even the perfectly-manicured countryside from the Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s landscape is straight from New Zealand’s `100 % Pure’ brochures. That’s an advantage to be to date from the heavily-populated regions around the globe… there’s very few people living here to pollute this beautiful country!

Nz landscape is so diverse

You are able to say that which you like about New Zealand’s scenery, but boring it’s not. Whether it’s New Zealand’s unique native plant, its snow-capped mountain tops and glaciers, its thermal areas for example Rotorua using its fascinating dirt pools and geysers, the beautiful sheltered bays from the New England in stark contrast towards the rugged wave-crashing West Coast beaches, its quilt-like Canterbury Plains, or even the moving eco-friendly farmland of Southland – New Zealand’s landscape is so diverse. So which means that while you drive or tour through Nz, the landscape is ever-altering, and since the travel distances between one part of the country to another are extremely short, you won’t need to travel far prior to the Nz landscape undergoes another complete change.

Nz landscape is so accessible

Because driving distances are extremely short (a couple of,500 kms in one finish of the nation to another, and a maximum of 500 kms across), New Zealand’s scenic attractions are actually in your doorstep. For instance, if you’re remaining in Christchurch, and drive inland, you may be around the Mount Hutt ski-field within 1 hour. If you wish to get `up close and personal’ with New Zealand’s stunning scenery, (and obtain some serious exercise simultaneously),you’ll be able to undertake certainly one of New Zealand’s world-famous South Island walks, like the Heaphy, Abel Tasman, Milford, Routeburn, Kepler, Catlins or even the Hump tracks. These unforgettable three to five day walks will give you through a number of New Zealand’s most breathtaking scenery.

So if you’re thinking about a summer time holiday to flee the Northern Hemisphere winter blues', why not pay us a tripDown Under’ to Nz? We Kiwis are extremely happy with our country, and thus we would like to share a number of New Zealand’s stunning scenery along with you.

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