When it comes to heating the home, there are various options that you can choose from. The best way to heat the home effectively and in a cost-efficient manner is by installing Floor Heating Systems. The heating system works by heating up the floor and everything that touches it. As the heat rises up from the floor to heat everything in the room, it doesn’t rely on air circulation. This also makes it a great option for all those who are allergic to dust. This type of heating system can be installed in any room of your home be it your living room or the bathroom. However, for the heating system to efficiently heat up the room the flooring material paired along with it needs to be a good conductor of heat. Following are some of the flooring materials which marry perfectly with the in-floor heating system.

 Carpet Flooring

If you are planning to install carpet flooring, a foil heater is most commonly paired up with it. This type of heater is extremely thin and has a flat aluminium foil which is great at dealing with areas that are large and regular shaped. As this type of heating system is quite thin, it doesn’t raise the level of visibility of the floor. It is a great option when you are renovating your home. For the heating system to be effective, the carpet should be between the thickness of 1/4inch to an inch with an R-value of lesser than one.

 Vinyl Flooring

When you are planning to opt for Vinyl flooring, you have to ensure that the heating system doesn’t exceed 81 degrees Fahrenheit. While the installation is going on, the technician will carry out heat loss calculation which will help to ensure that the floor can provide sufficient heat. The kind of system to opt for is dependent on whether the room is a dry room or a wet room. An insulated underlay is an excellent option for dry rooms, whereas if it has been installed in a wet room it could cause the vinyl to expand due to the moisture. It is better to opt for a sticky mat or a loose wire system.

 Tile and Stone Flooring

This type of flooring is fairly easy to clean and it can withstand temperatures of 84degrees Fahrenheit. Both electric and hydronic heating systems can be easily installed with this type of flooring. Electric heating mats are highly preferred, as they are designed to suit rooms that are irregularly shaped or have too many fixtures. The best kind of heating system to opt for with stone and tile flooring is dependent on the size and shape of the room.

 Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

Hardwood flooring can’t stand temperatures beyond 81 degrees, and the heating system should meet this requirement. The thickness of the wood or laminate shouldn’t exceed more than 18mm as it could hinder the system’s performance.

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